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Med cruise query re roaming, 3G, etc

Going on a med cruise on Sat. Are all charges included in my plan e..g roaming, data, use of 3G, etc

Visiting Spain, Italy, Corsica, France, Gibraltar.

Will also be at sea 5 days.


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Re: Med cruise query re roaming, 3G, etc

Yes, but you can only use your allowances once you are on land.


Most cruise ships have an on-board mobile system but that will not be included in your allowances and everything will be charged extra once you are at sea.


The on-board cruise ship & aircraft systems are all very expensive as they are all satellite based.


Stick to using WiFi (if available) once you are on-board.


If you are pay monthly do check you have roaming enabled on your account before you travel by ringing EE.

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Re: Med cruise query re roaming, 3G, etc

Hi @HayleyG


I hope the great information given to you by @Profile closed gives you all the answers you were looking for.







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