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International Call Barring

Excellent work EE.

I checked my roaming settings were enabled and even rang 150 before I left the Uk to be assured that "my phone will work just as it does in the Uk".

I'm now in Malta and surprise surprise, ALL calls barred.

Including 150.

So now I can't even call you to turn off the barring.

And you haven't got 24 hr customer service so I can't call you from another EE phone.

And I can't get the PIN to disable it because my "My EE" app isn't working - "Sorry. Something's gone wrong, it's our fault, We're trying to fix it" - but even if I had, it's not available in there. or Online in "My EE". or in your EE community.

And there's nowhere online to tell you in advance i'm going away.

But it's not like this has happened before...oh wait...that's right, it's happening CONSTANTLY and has been for YEARS!!

(See previous posts in this community for evidence).

The real issue here is that your systems, network and processes are so poor, they can't distinguish between and deal with the two use cases of:

- Phone legitimately barred (Stolen, Lost etc)

- Someone got caught by the "didn't text Roaming to 150 before they went away"


Well done EE, well done.

But that's enough sarcasm, let's try and be constructive:

Feel free to look up the topic of

- "ITIL Continual Service Improvement" on the internet.

Who knows, perhaps after another 3 years of frustrated customers, assuming you're still in business with processes like these, you might have done something about it?

Some specifics you may like to offer:

- Make barring still allow calls to 150

- Provide a secure method for providing customers their unlocking PIN for this via "My EE"

- Provide extended hours of customer service (only) for customers abroad that you've left in the sh#t as a result of this.


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Re: International Call Barring

Hello @CaptRico sorry to hear you are having problems roaming while abroad. Due to this being a public user forum access to accounts is not allowed to check or enable it through here, please call customer service on +447953 966 250 from any phone (lines open 8am UK time) who can look into this for you. If you are a personal pay monthly customer on an EE plan you can also access Live Chat using one of the ways mentioned in this link. :):

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