by Swimmermum

I can’t text or phone from Spain

In Spain, need to estate agents and can’t make text or phone! Can receive them. No chat link to EE. 

EE Community Support Team

Re: I can’t text or phone from Spain

Good Afternoon @Swimmermum


Thanks for coming here 🙂


Can you receive calls and texts?


Are you pay as you go or pay monthly?


If you are a pay monthly customer, you may need to check roaming and calling abroad is active.


You can do this by logging into your My EE account online > go to Menu > Manage Device > Roaming Abroad and also Call Abroad and Premium Rate Calls >These will show as ticked if roaming and calling abroad is activate.


If they are not showing as ticked, can you activate these?


Hope you are having a lovely time in Spain.



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