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I already had EU data

When I got my phone EU data was something I'm pretty sure I paid to have included but not it's offered for free ?

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Re: I already had EU data

Hello @Ccroftx you can now use up to 15gb of your UK data allowance as well. Here is a link containing more information on the new free EU roaming from 15th June:



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Brilliant Contributor

Re: I already had EU data

@Ccroftx I'm in the same boat and am trying to get it looked into EE have been quite sneaky with this making out its great for everyone when some are ending up worse off 

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Re: I already had EU data

Hi @Ccroftx and welcome to the community.


Unfortunately the costing of your plan will not change as a result of this,


If you wish to discuss your EE plan, please do let me know and I can try and assist in getting you in touch with the right team.


Many thanks,



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