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Global Roaming add-ons: a little bit more clarity wouldn't hurt



I've just joined EE on the £20 20GB untld txts+mins Sim Only plan.


In My EE I can see that various Global Roaming Minutes add-ons are available to me (30, 60, 120). They are apparently available in " EE Roaming Zones 1, 1A, 2A, 2B, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8" (basically, all over the world but cruise ships and planes).


It tells me to see the Price Guide for more detail. The link takes to the... Non-Standard Price Guide for Small Businesses (https://ee.co.uk/content/dam/ee-help/help-pdfs/b2b-legal-1204-non-standard-price-guide-for-ee-small-...). My contract, however, is a consumer contract, so a Hiccup No 1 here.


A Hiccup No 2 occurs when I am trying to cross check one of the countries I am about to visit in a few weeks time, which is Georgia. I go to https://ee.co.uk/help/add-ons-benefits-and-plans/call-or-going-abroad/roaming-costs/countries/georgi... and see no mention of any roaming minutes add-ons whatsoever. Not very consistent and adds to confusion, i.e. who do I believe - My EE + a Price Guide for Small Businesses, or that link that I've just posted?


Some clarification would be much appreciated. As well as taking my feedback on board - some other customers might end up getting confused as well.


Thanks a lot

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Re: Global Roaming add-ons: a little bit more clarity wouldn't hurt

Dunno how you got there but the Price Guide you want is the Pay Monthly Non-standard price guide . Georgia in not in the EU & so is not included in your EU roaming allowances. See also the ROAMING section in Pay Monthly 24 month Plans Price Guide .


I only see a 60 Global Roaming Minutes add-on.

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Re: Global Roaming add-ons: a little bit more clarity wouldn't hurt

I got there (Small Business price guide) by following a link in My EE (next to the explainer of one of the Global Roaming Minuntes add-ons).


I didn't say Georgia was in the EU and that I expected for it to be included in my roaming allowances, I'm not sure how this might be relevant.


What I did say was that here - > https://ee.co.uk/help/add-ons-benefits-and-plans/call-or-going-abroad/roaming-costs/countries/georgi... there is no mention of any Roaming Minutes add-ons being available for Georgia (suspect the same for other countries), yet they are avalable to buy in My EE (and Georgia is apparently included), hence the confusion.

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Re: Global Roaming add-ons: a little bit more clarity wouldn't hurt

Welcome to the community, @Profile closed 🙂


Great questions. I see why this would cause confusion.


I've sent you a private message, please take a look and get back to me.







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