by eddyhill

Germany calls and texts

I'm currently in Germany and my phone won't allow me to make calls or send text messages. My roaming is active, and I'm able to use my data and also recieve calls and texts.


Does anyone have a solution to my problem?


I have attempted to manually change the carrier network, T-mobile is the only one which works. A restart did also not yield any chage to my issue. 

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Germany calls and texts

@eddyhill  Login to your account and enable international and premium rate numbers.  

by eddyhill

Re: Germany calls and texts

I just tried. It's blocked, the bill isn't paid by me and perhaps that is why I don't think I can change that. But, I was under the impression that roaming meant I could definitely call and text? 


There is a tick next to "Calls to numbers in EE Europe zone and back home...", surely that is sufficient. I don't intend to contact anyone outside of said zone. Any other ideas? Can't bear the thought of having to borrow or use a pay phone to wait through the customer service tomorrow, especially when I'm sure it should be working as it is. 

EE Community Support Team

Re: Germany calls and texts

Hi @eddyhill,


Welcome to the EE Community.


Are you able to ask the account holder to get in touch with customer services to request the removal of the international calling bar?






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