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Emergency calls only whilst abroad



I've been traveling for five months now so know roaming is enabled. Phone has worked in some countries but not others. Worked in Texas but not Califorina USA. I've now been in Ecuador for over two weeks and still doesn't work.


I have tried reseting phone. Turning data on and off. Manually selecting the network. All I get is "network unavailable, try later'.


I can't call support as I have no phone i can call-out on.


I was a t mobile / EE pay monthlu customer for over ten years but switched my line to pay as you go while traveling. So I can't use live chat. Also since changing my account myou EE online and app doesn't work so I can't top up!


Please fix



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Re: Emergency calls only whilst abroad

Hello @zachb there is no access to accounts allowed through here I am sorry this would need to go through customer service on +447953 966 250 from another phone (lines open 8am UK time). If none of the resets etc have worked and other services such as MYEE are not working they may need to check the migration from PAYM to PAYG completed successfully. 🙂 

by zachb

Re: Emergency calls only whilst abroad

Is it possible to get a call back? I have a locally number but it can't make international calls and the WiFi isn't good enough for a Skype call



EE Community Support Team

Re: Emergency calls only whilst abroad

Good morning @zachb


I'm sorry to hear that you are having difficulties.


We can't offer call backs as we don't have account access in community.


Contact would need to be made into us via a call into customer services over an alternative landline or mobile number.


In terms of MY EE working, customer services can kill two birds with one stone and help get a new one set up, by deleting the old one and setting up a new one.


Best of luck.





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