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EE Roaming - Getting ready to use your phone abroad

Going abroad and want to use your device for calls, texts and data? Read on for everything you need to know.



How do I set up roaming?


If you are a pay as you go customer, roaming is already active and ready to use.


If you're a pay monthly customer on any plan, you will need to check roaming is set up before you travel.


There are a few ways to check if you have roaming set up, and some steps to help you if you don't.



  • Text ROAMING to 150 – you'll receive a text with details about your roaming status and how to activate roaming if needed.


  • Call Customer Services and choose options 1, 2 and 4 - the automated system will let you know if roaming is active and help you set it up if it's not.


  • In your My EE account online go to Menu > Manage Device > Roaming Abroad and also Call Abroad and Premium rate> They will show as ticked if roaming and calling abroad is activated.


It can take up to 24 hours to become active on your account, so it's important to set it up before you travel.


Roaming is subject to your credit status and a deposit may be required.



Can I use my minutes, texts and data when abroad?


If you have a Pay monthly, Pay as you go, Flex, or Mobile Broadband plan with us you can use your calls, texts and up to 15GB of data within 48 EU/EEA destinations


If you have a Max Plan started after 10 May 2017, you can also use your minutes, texts and up to 15GB of data within 53 destinations including Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and USA.


If you would like to benefit from these additional 5 countries, please get in touch with our mobile care team, to discuss options available for you.


If your UK data allowance is greater than 15GB, you will be subject to a fair usage policy of 15GB whilst you are roaming in the inclusive destinations.


Full information can be found on our Fair Use Policy Help page.



Can I use my voicemail abroad?


If you wish to access your voicemail messages when roaming here are some great tips: 



  • If you would prefer not to receive voicemails when abroad text VM OFF to 150 before you travel.


  • Once you're back in the UK simply text VM ON to 150.


Will I be charged for using my voicemail abroad?


If you are within the EU and someone leaves you a voicemail message this will come out of your inclusive allowance.


If you’re outside of the EU you will be charged the per minute rate for the country you are visiting.  All charges can be found on our EE Roaming tool.


If you're an iPhone user and have Visual Voicemail, you'll need an active roaming data bundle to receive and listen to your voicemails.



How long can I make a call for when abroad?


When making calls using your allowance in the 48 EU/EEA destinations, the maximum call length is 120 minutes.


If your call is longer than 120 minutes, you’ll have to redial and continue your call.



How long can I use my phone abroad for?


EE pay monthly plans are intended for customers with a stable link to the UK who travel abroad periodically.


They are not intended for customers roaming on a permanent or semi-permanent basis.


We will consider you have a stable link to the UK if, during any four month period you;


  • Spend a total of two months or more within the UK.
  • Or, if you mainly use your inclusive voice, text or data usage allowances in the UK, rather than while you're roaming.


Full information on stable links can be found in the Roaming terms and conditions.



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