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Denmark - No Signal 4G/3G even down to 2G using Samsung Galaxy S7

Hi EE Team,


I have just spent the last two week in Copenhagen on business with my company phone which is a Samsung Galaxy S7. On arrival I was able to make two calls outbound then the phone stopped allowing any network coverage.


The phone was replaced during my stay with a new S7 the issue continued. On a weekend stopever back in the UK I purchased a cheap Nokia phone and on arrival back to Copenhagen I was able to make and receive calls using this phone on a 2G network.


It appears to be an issue with the profile for the S7 when roaming  in Denmark. Just to be clear I had contacted EE on a few occasions whilst over there to express my unhappiness about this EE support sent and resent my settings by text several times which didnt make any difference.


So if you are travelling to Denamrk using an S7 expect bad or now service from the network 😞


Should have stuck with my old service provider never had an issue roaming anywhere!


Sort it out EE its unacceptable!!!

EE Employee

Re: Denmark - No Signal 4G/3G even down to 2G using Samsung Galaxy S7

Morning @Divebmober23


Welcome to the Community! Smiley Happy


Sorry to hear you've been having issues using your phone abroad.


If your EE SIM card worked in the Nokia everything would have been set up correctly on your account.


If it was a device issue it unfortunately limits the support we can offer when your outside of the UK.


Was the S7 purchased directly from EE?


Was it just calls that were affected?


Thanks - Karen. Smiley Happy

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