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Data roaming in USA

I have 12M SIM Max 4GB plan. Can I data roam in USA without extra charges on this plan?

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Re: Data roaming in USA

When did you start that Max plan?


If if was on and after May 10th 2017, then yes all roaming allowances will be included for the USA.


If it was before that date, sorry but roaming will not be included for the USA.  If you are on an older Max plan, you may be able to switch to a newer Max plan if you ring EE.


by Molezer

Re: Data roaming in USA

Thanks. That's what I thought but terrified of a huge Bill when I get home!

Ian M
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Re: Data roaming in USA

Hi @Molezer and welcome to the community.


As mentioned by @Profile closed, as long as you are on a new max plan your data and calls will be included.


Many thanks,



by Ace Contributor
Ace Contributor

Re: Data roaming in USA

Data roaming always requires an add on like the travel data pass or for it to be included in your plan, so you shoudl never get an unexpected bill for data roaming.


Data will either work and be included in your plan, or you get charged for the travel data pass (if applicable) or you get redirected to the add-on page to buy one.


Make sure you have roaming enabled before you leave too, text roaming to 150 to check.

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