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Data SIM Sharer - use with a Max plan in the EU and beyond

Hi all


I have just moved from a business account to a personal account and brought my lines with me. I was on a consumer 4GEE Max SIMO tariff as a Small Business customer, so my primary phone account was moved without issue.


I also had a SIM for my iPad, sharing the data allowance of the phone Max plan. This was called 'Bus Shared D SIM' on my bill, and I successfully used the data on the iPad within the EU. Within My EE, roaming showed as enabled.


As part of the Business > Personal move, they had to find an equivalent personal plan, and they have put my iPad SIM on 'Data SIM Sharer' - which actually costs £2/month more than the business equivalent. Within My EE roaming is showing as blocked, and greyed out so it cannot be enabled. Under 'Group Usage Controls' roaming is disabled, and an attempt to enable it fails. CS cannot enable it either.


Both CS and a team in-store have tried to reassure me that despite the SIM having roaming disabled, it will allow roaming as long as it is in the same country as the primary phone, and data will be included in any of the 4GEE Max countries (EU+5).


A quick search online (and on this forum) suggests this is false?


Can anyone have the final word, and perhaps point me to where it is clearly written relating to this tariff, the EE world of tariffs and plans is a bit of a jumbled mess!


Thanks in advance!


EE Community Support Team

Re: Data SIM Sharer - use with a Max plan in the EU and beyond

Hi @jamrolu


Our customer services team should be able to activate roaming for you, even on a sharer plan.


If they cannot, they would have to escalate it to someone who can or explain why it cannot be activated.


Please contact them again and let me know what they say.






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