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Data Roaming and travelling to France



I work in France and travel daily.  I have heard that although I now get data roaming in the EU if I sign in to a network in the UK and a network in France on the same day then I won't qualify for the free data roaming.  Can someone tell me if this is correct?


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Re: Data Roaming and travelling to France

None of the EU mobile plans that include EU roaming are designed to be purchased in one country to be used in another country semi-permanently or permanently.  All the EU networks have some kind of restriction on them meaning they must be used in their home country for a certain number of days every month.


EE quote the following:


EE plans are intended for customers with a stable link to the UK who travel abroad periodically. They are not intended for customers roaming on a permanent or semi-permanent basis. We will consider you have a stable link to the UK if spend a total of 60 days or more during any 120 day period within the UK.


Every other UK and EU plan will also have a similar restriction on them.



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Re: Data Roaming and travelling to France


Thanks for the reply however I travel to France to work and travel back the same day, or sometimes after midnight (shift work).  I do this a maximum of 3 days per week but live permanently in the UK.  If I sign into a UK network in the morning, sign into a french network during the day then sign into a UK network again in the evening does this qualify for the data roaming in the EU.

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Re: Data Roaming and travelling to France

Yes, you are OK. It's only if you were not in the UK for less than 60 days out of the last 120 days would you not be eligible for EU roaming. But you would be in the UK every day of the last 120 days,

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Re: Data Roaming and travelling to France

Hi @sable-w


Just to confirm you'll be able to use your allowances in France - even if it's within the same day.


There is a 15GB a month fair usage policy for your data.


Thanks - Karen. Smiley Happy 

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