by charvey

Data Roaming AND Mobile WiFi Hotspot loss of data

I used my mobile as a hot spot while on holiday in Mallorca in April. I use Euro Pass and had been browsing on the phone with data usage as expected. As soon as I switched on the hot spot the remaining data drained within seconds. I bought additional data and the same happened. I then changed the hotspot access password on my phone and bought additional data. Again it drained in seconds before I was able to connect my laptop. Is there any explanation for this? The phone works fine as a hotspot in the UK with the same laptop.

EE Community Support Team

Re: Data Roaming AND Mobile WiFi Hotspot loss of data

Hi @charvey,


Welcome to the EE Community.


In the first instance, your laptop may have used your data checking for software updates, Emails etc.


After changing the password, it wouldn't be able to connect automatically. This means the data must have been used by the phone itself.


Have you checked the data usage on your phone to see if any apps have used your data after purchasing a new add-on?


Have you set your phone to only update apps/download software updates over WiFi?





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