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Confused regarding new max plans

I am on a Max 30GB 4GEE tariff 


Yesterday afternoon my data usage stated I had approx 4.1 GB left. I check this again last night and have 28GB? I called EE CS and was advised that due to the new plan there was a refresh on the EE system  hence the reason I now have 28GB to use. This doesn't make sense to me. Moderators do you know about this?


I have called twice to query the new Max plan and each time  I have been provided with incorrect information.


My tariff is listed above. Currently I have unlimited calls. and text in the UK/EU and able to use 15GB of data in the EU.


When I called I was told there is no need to upgrade, the New Max plans are for new customers, anyone on a current Max plan like myself will be able to  call/text use data in the EU and the other countries like the USA from 15 June. Is this correct? 


Thanks in advance



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Re: Confused regarding new max plans

Hello @leeuk yes if you change or upgrade your plan your allowances will refresh to the new ones when your new plan takes effect. Yes all EE, T-Mobile & Orange customers can use their UK allowances within the EU from 15th June not just new EE 4GEE MAX plan customers. :):

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Re: Confused regarding new max plans

I can already use my data in the EU yo to15GB -what i was told was currently customers on a MAx paln will upgraded to the new max plans and no additional cost -this doesnt sound correct? 

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Re: Confused regarding new max plans

@leeuk You'll only change to a new max plan if you want it.  There could be a price increase


if your already on a max plan and your not going out of the EU there is no point in changing plan now.  It will cost you more and you'll gain nothing  

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Re: Confused regarding new max plans

Hi @leeuk and welcome back to the Community.


You would need to speak to customer services in order to move over to one of the new max plans as this will not automatically happen.


Many thanks,



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