by Pangdabest

Cant call, text or use data abroad.



Im currently in Germany and cant do anything with my phone. I understand it is because I need to enable roaming on my account and I would love to do that but I cant even dial 150 from here, it just beeps, I cant seem to access any live chat or other contact so this is my only option.


I would really like to enable roaming so I can use my phone here, it's a bit wasted otherwise! What are my options? 





by Pangdabest

Re: Cant call, text or use data abroad.

I should mention that I have 24 month EE Regular Contract with EE, unlimited minutes, texts and 5gb Data for 46.99 a month. 

EE Community Support Team

Re: Cant call, text or use data abroad.

Good afternoon @Pangdabest


Thank you for choosing community 🙂


We have no account access in community so you need to please contact customer services either via an alternative mobile or landline number.


To try and prevent this happening again, please see our EE Roaming - Getting ready to use your phone abroad post.


Let me know what happens.


Thank you





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