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Cant call anyone (or EE!) From Brazil

Hi. I've been in Brazil for the best part of a week and made a wifi call via an app called Boss Revolution (cheap international calls) within 24hrs of landing with no problem.


Since then I've not been able to make any calls on the app or through the conventional telephone dialling to make international calls. The message I recieve is the same each time saying in Portugese something about barring I believe.


I made the mistake of not notifying ee i was going abroad but I made the first call with no problems and since then I have switched on call forwarding, but that should not make any difference to outbound calls. Annoyingly the number for ringing ee from abroad doesn't work either and there appears to be no online chat unless you're a business customer. Any ideas/advice. It seems the only way I can make calls at the moment is through whatsapp, which uses a data connection. Have tried switching off call forwarding but that makes no difference. Am wondering if Ee has blocked my calls with an attempt to make calls from Brazil but frustratingly I cant contact them in order to see if this is the case or to fix the problem. 😞

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Re: Cant call anyone (or EE!) From Brazil

@ReticentRomeo   Login to your online EE account and enable ROAMING you’ll also need to enable CALL ABROAD AND PREMIUM RATE NUMBERS. Then restart the device.  The app you used over WiFi to make a call has nothing to do with roaming on EE and it not working now is a separate issue.   When calling from abroad you still need to have roaming and call abroad settings enable as your still making a phone call.  Live chat is available to contact customers and is available via your online EE account. Just wait for it to pop up. 

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Re: Cant call anyone (or EE!) From Brazil

Good Morning @ReticentRomeo


Thanks for coming to the community. 


Have you been able to follow the great advice provided by @Chris_B?


Is this now resolved?


Katie 🙂

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