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Cant call Spanish numbers from Spain

I am a long time pay as you go customer, currently in Spain.  I can call UK numbers but I can not call Spanish numbers (+34).  At first it said conditional call forwarding was active until I messed with those settings and now it just wont connect, it hangs up before one ring with no message.  I should have 2000 minutes good in UK and EU as my text message says but it wont work.  My data works and my incoming texts... I recieved a call FROM the UK a few hours ago.  My phone automatically connects to Vodaphone, I tried switching to Moviestar but same problem.  It will not let me connect to Orange (arent they sort of partners with ee?).  I have restarted my phone and looked at my account online with no luck.  Any other ideas?  I have been using skype but thats only good if I have wifi.


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Re: Cant call Spanish numbers from Spain

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Re: Cant call Spanish numbers from Spain

Hi @viequense,


Welcome to the EE Community. Smiley Happy


If turning off 4G doesn't help, please get in touch so our technical team can look into this for you.





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