by Mrs-p

Can't receive calls in Greece

Im in greece at the moment. I can make calls send and receive texts, but people in Greece cannot call me. They have my number as I called them first. 


On a yachting holiday, so it's really important the lead boat can call me in an emergency. It doesn't connect, so isn't even going to voice mail. 


Any ideas? I have roaming and data on. 

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Can't receive calls in Greece



Are these other UK network owners or Greek locals on Greek carriers? 


It will go to voicemail if your phone isn't contactable, which out at sea maybe the case. 



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Re: Can't receive calls in Greece

Hello there @Mrs_p


Thanks for coming here.


Can other people call you ok?


What happens when they call you?


Thanks 🙂

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