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Calls in the USA



I just added the GO FURTHER add on to my sim only contract to enable me to use my iPhone for calls, data and texting whilst on holiday in the USA next month.  Normally stick to wifi and social media messengers whilst we are away but as we are visiting friends and family during our trip its really necessary for contacting and arranging things.  Also want to use iPhone maps for sat nav as driving all over California.  I did consider the T-Mobile tourist sim but limited time to purchase on arrival and having to change my sim out of my phone and thus changing number would be pretty inconvenient. 


My question.....I know that folks calling me from the UK will not be charged extra......if indeed I answer 😉   And I am sure I can makes calls within the USA to USA numbers within my allowance and fair usage cap.  However am I right to assume that anyone calling me from the USA whilst we are there will be treated/charged the relevant international call charges (depending on what their provider does or doesn't charge)?


Also when i set up I got a text saying that my Travel Pass is set up and will be charged at £4.80 per day.  Will this be charged on top of the £10 per month?  I do hope not as that was not clear on the the GO FURTHER info page.  Am presuming that the £4.80 applies only to usage in countries outside the EU and the 5 extra countries.


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Re: Calls in the USA

@troubleonline  Anyone calling you from the US will be charged at their network rate for a international call.  Why have you added the travel pass if your have purchased the go further add on ?  With the go further add on you can use your allowances while in the US so you don’t need the travel pass.   


It might say you have the travel pass as that might be how EE have setup their systems but you only pay the £10 per month.  I’ll give customer services a call just to ask and make sure. 

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Re: Calls in the USA

Hi Chris


I didn't add the travel pass at this time.  In fact I already activated it last year in Thailand to use one day when I was away from wifi.  

I think the travel pass message is probably just the way that EE set up their systems or automatic after adding the GF roaming.  It came after the message that Go Further roaming add on had been set up on my account and is ready to use.  

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Re: Calls in the USA

Hi @troubleonline

When you check your active add-ons on your My EE account, does it show both the Go Further add on and the Travel Data pass as active?



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