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Call barring password

Hi, I am travelling abroad and unable to make calls to the UK! I am a pay as you go customer and just topped up with credit. I think it's because one of the call barring to home is green. However I need to enter a password and I did try 1111 after a couple of other attempts and it didn't work? Can ee help me if this is why I can't place calls and lift the barrino?  Thanks 

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Ace Contributor

Re: Call barring password



Are you using number in international format? 

Use 00447 ***** or +00447**** 

But if you still not able to call then you need to call customer service on 07953 966 250 or you can use free phone number 0800-956-6000 where you can call from Skype. 

To ask remove your call barring. 

Many Thanks 

EE Community Support Team

Re: Call barring password

Morning @hayleyshingles,


Have you managed to get this working?


Let us know how you are getting on 🙂

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