by Japple

Call barring blocked on

I have arrived in Italy to discover I can't make any international calls despite having roaming active. I have tried to disable the call barring (which I did not turn on) but am unable to. This is a major problem as I am here on business and need to make calls.

I am also unable to call the 150 number for help. 

EE Employee

Re: Call barring blocked on

Hi and welcome to the community @Japple


So I can try and assist please may I know are you able to receive incoming calls?


Many thanks,



by Japple

Re: Call barring blocked on

Yes I can receive calls and make call within Italy. 

It seems international call barring is switched on but it won't allow me to turn it off. 


EE Community Support Team

Re: Call barring blocked on

Hi @Japple


Thanks for coming to see us 🙂


Please use an alternative mobile or a landline to give us a call and we can hopefully get this all sorted out for you.


Let me know how you get on.





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