by Pds27 Investigator

Buzzard 1 roaming


In Tenerife and I can't get my buzzard 1 to connect.

Roaming is switched on.

My ee account page states that roaming is being switched on and will take 24 hours.

It's now been 24 hours,the router page ( roaming is switched on.

Status page is where I try to connect but it just says disconnected.

I have un plugged etc several times.

The dongle just flashes blue.

The status page says orange 4g.

by Pds27 Investigator

Re: Buzzard 1 roaming

I am on a 32gb monthly plan with all data remaining.

EE Community Support Team

Re: Buzzard 1 roaming

Hi @Pds27


Welcome to the community, I hope you're having a brilliant time in Tenerife. 🙂


I recommend logging into your My EE account on your phone's browser (not the app) or a computer.


Once you're logged in, a chat window will pop up when an advisor is available.


If you can't get in contact with chat, please get in touch from an alternative phone.



by Pds27 Investigator

Re: Buzzard 1 roaming

Not sure how,but it looks like I have had an update to the software running the buzzard 1.

Logged in this morning and the very basic 192 home page  changed to an ee mobile broadband home page.

Much more detail on this page , it was showing roaming off.

The previous software was stating on.

Anyway all ok now, worth checking before you leave to get the update?  




EE Employee

Re: Buzzard 1 roaming

Glad you are now sorted @Pds27


Many thanks,



by Pds27 Investigator

Re: Buzzard 1 roaming

Just checking before travelling abroad again and the homepage shows the basic settings and not  the mobile ee homepage settings.


I have now found that you need to enable the desktop site checkbox on your chrome android browser,this opens the ee homepage with all settings available 🙂


Usefull information which may help anyone travelling abroad and taking the buzzard 1.



EE Community Support Team

Re: Buzzard 1 roaming

pic spot prize.png

Good Morning @Pds27


Thanks for giving great advice on the community.


As a thank you, I'd love to send you a little prize from the community team.


I've sent you a private message for your details, please take a look and get back to me.






Smiley Happy

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