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Business roaming in the USA

I have two contracts with EE business, both listed as "Bus SIMO Ex 2GB £15 12".


The deal is £15/mo for 2GB, with a free 8GB/mo add-on. Unlimited calls/txts.


I'm wondering if this plan offers any inclusive US roaming, like the 4G Max personal plans? I'm not able to tell what 'type' of plan it is, or if there are indeed any biz plans that qualify for inclusive/extended roaming?


Thanks in advance.

by Ace Contributor
Ace Contributor

Re: Business roaming in the USA



It must be the legacy business plan that was on offer around July last year. The plan will not include inclusive standard roaming until 15th June this year. 


At the moment, you can only upgrade to an EU roaming plan, there is no "MAX" equivalent plan available for business customers at the moment. Last time I phoned, the customer services agent said they're still working on releasing such plan. 


Although I was once told that business users can also have consumer plans attached under the business account, but I'm not 100%, since I was never offered such thing. 



by anothereeuser Investigator

Re: Business roaming in the USA

Thanks Winston. I appreciate your info.

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