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Arrived in Cancun Mexico and can't roam have tried manual and phone says no

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Re: Arrived in Cancun Mexico and can't roam have tried manual and phone says no

Good morning @Nicholas3


Welcome to the EE community 🙂


I hope it's nice and warm in Cancun?


I love Mexico, I went for my Honeymoon last year 🙂


Firstly, here are the charges for MEXICO and their may be a suitable Add on for you to look at. 


Did you make sure Roaming was activated before you went away?  If not here is what you can do in future.


Please have a look at our EE Roaming - Getting ready to use your phone abroad post, for the following information and more.


Before you travel


There's three possible ways to check if Roaming is active on your account and activate the service if it's not.


  • Text ROAMING to 150 – you'll receive a text with details about your Roaming status and information on how to set-up if needed.


  • Call Customer Services and choose options 1, 2 and 4 - the automated system will let you know if Roaming is active and help you set it up if it's not.


  • In your My EE account if you have a shared account go to Menu > Manage Device > Usage Controls > Roaming abroad & Call abroad and Premium rate, both options need Allow selected.


Please Note - Roaming is subject to your credit status and a deposit may be required.


It can take anything up to 24 hours to become active on your account, so it's really important to set it up before you travel.


So that's the important bit done now…'s all set up!


Are you a pay monthly personal or a pay as you go EE customer?









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