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4GEE Roaming Options - USA

Hello all,


I'm currently on a 4GEE plan (since December 2017) with 8gb data, unlimited UK texts/minutes. I was wandering what the best means of enabling roaming in the USA would be?


I am not eligible for the Travel Data Pass, as any attempt to activate it via 150 is rebuffed with "Travel Data Pass is not available on your price plan". When I look further into roaming, it suggests 4GEE Max users can use their allowance normal, however my account info says I am a 4GEE user not a Max user.


Can anyone provide any insight into what action to take to ensure I can use data etc. when in the States?

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Re: 4GEE Roaming Options - USA

Are you in US now? Did you activate roaming on your MyEE a/c before you left? You may still be able to in your online a/c under Manage Devices. If not, you will need to call EE. Use the landline nos. in my sig.


Roaming costs in USA are to be found in .

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Re: 4GEE Roaming Options - USA



I'm not currently in the States, though I'm going this week. 


Roaming is activated on my phone (have checked by texting 150). Just unsure as to the eligibility of my account in terms of using data in the US. The tariff page just suggests the Travel Data Pass which I am not eligible for. 

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Re: 4GEE Roaming Options - USA

Hi there @ConnorW


Thanks for coming to the community.


Travel Data Pass isn’t currently available to customers on Mobile Broadband and Mobile WiFi plans, do you have one of these plans?


If not, give our customer service team a call they will be able to look into the add-ons available for you.


Hope you have an amazing time 🙂

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