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my phone has been lost by the Bury store, what can I do?

I took my htc10 to the store as it would not hold it's charge. This was on the 1st of February 2018, as the repairs centre had not received  it by the 7th I contacted customer services who gave me the repairs centre telephone number. I called them only to be told it was a failed collection from the store. I rang the store, they said it was collected by DPD,  not their problem and I had to contact repairs centre. Again I called the repairs entre who said the store needs to ring them to advise on the issue. Called the store and they said that' not their procedure. Argh... getting nowhere, I rang customer services who advised me to go to the store, not easy as I'm disabled but I went to the store first thing on the 9th of February, manager not in so had to wait, advised them I only paid for 1hr of parking, then manager turned up, not interested in me, wanted to do a conference call, explained what had happened and he then produced a piece of paper which he said was evidence the phone had been collected, er no it was just an advice note that I had requested a repair. No other information. No other loan phone offered, I'm fed up. I have 5 contracts with them so thought I was a valued customer. No. They only value their bottom line. Any other help or advise?

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Re: my phone has been lost by the Bury store, what can I do?

@steffi31  You go to the store and you request that they sort this out with DPD as its not your responsibility to make sure your goods  do not go missing when they are placed in the stores care. 


 If the store say you have to take this up with DPD actually you don’t that’s the stores responsibility as they the ones who got DPD to collect the device,  they take responsibility of the device when you leave it in their care.



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Re: my phone has been lost by the Bury store, what can I do?

Hi and welcome to the community @steffi31


I understand your frustration with this issue, our customer service team would need to raise an escalation on this one.


If you are not happy with how this has been handled please do see our ways to complain.


Let us know how you get on.


Many thanks,



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