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Problem with old number transfer

I'd like to transfer my old number to EE, to do this I went to this site:



I did all the things with the list, then clicked on "Fill out this quick form to transfer your number": https://imgur.com/vMvAjp3


I entered my new phone number: https://imgur.com/Uvm4fgH


I confirmed a quick security check: https://imgur.com/QPSw1Xb


I entered the PAC code: https://imgur.com/sBcNkxL


Then the site automatically entered my new number and I entered my old number manually: https://imgur.com/7FVgl1x


"Please make sure you enter the right phone number. It must be a UK phone number and start with 07."


Can anyone help me solve this problem? Both numbers are correct.

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Re: Problem with old number transfer

Hi @koralochab 


Welcome to the EE Community,


If your having issues with the online transfer form contact 0800 317 720 and a customer service advisor will be able to complete your transfer request.





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