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PAC code issues

I’ve just come over to EE from Vodafone and I’m having hassle with the PAC code from Vodafone. I’ve been rung back and forth between the two providers. Vodafone saying the PAC code is valid and EE saying it’s not. I’m fed up with being the one to mediate this error. I’ve made a couple of complaints with Vodafone and have a feeling they’re delaying the problem but I’m not willing to keep making phone calls between the two companies. I’m paying for a service and want EE to this for me. I’ve wasted hours on hold to both providers but to no avail. Please help me sort this! 

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Re: PAC code issues

Hi @tsperry 


Welcome to the EE Community,


If you text the word PAC to 65075 from the Vodafone sim do you get the same PAC code back ?



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