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Can't receive texts or calls, but send and make sure them

Recently went to EE from Giffgaff, transferred my number using a pac code. In the my EE app the number has changed to my old Giffgaff number, I can make texts and calls and they say they come from my old number, however people can't make calls to me or send texts. It's been at least a day since the transfer was complete. 


Any help would be appreciated

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Re: Can't receive texts or calls, but send and make sure them

Hello @JG26 ,


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I would suggest giving it another day, as it may not have completed yet, but you could also ring customer service and see if you can find out why it has not changed yet.


Also have you tried rebooting your phone to see if that makes a difference and sorts things out? That is something you can do, as that should then sort things out, with luck.


You do realise that using a PAC code is for moving your number to the new network, ie Giff Gaff to EE, so it would show your number you had from Giff Gaff.

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