by Kazwelsh

Why can’t I view my usage breakdown?

I can’t view my usage breakdown to check how I’ve used my data and as I have a sharer on my phone for my daughter I want to find out how much data she is using 

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Why can’t I view my usage breakdown?

@Kazwelsh   Sorry You can not do that from the account, to see how much data is being used on a specific device you’ll need to look at that devices data usage on that device.  


 On any account you just get a set amount of data for the device/s and you can only see what data allowance there is and what’s remaining. 

by Kazwelsh

Re: Why can’t I view my usage breakdown?

I’ve always done it on the app but last week I cancelled my daughters sharer which will stop in November and now I can’t access my data usage

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EE Community Support Team

Re: Why can’t I view my usage breakdown?

Hi @Kazwelsh


Thank you for coming to see us in community 🙂


Can I just ask, are you account holder on the account?


You should be able to view your data in the way @Chris_B has described.


Have a look at our Shared Plans help and support pages?


I draw your attention to the managing your plan drop down box.









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