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What’s EE Data Gifting and how do I get it?

With Data Gifting EE pay monthly mobile customers with multiple line subscriptions on the same account can stay in control and move data between numbers within that account.



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I have multiple numbers on my account – is this for me?


Yes, it is. If you are the lead account holder for two or more numbers you can now control the ability of those lines to purchase additional mobile data or make international and premium calls. You can even share data, so if one of your numbers is getting low you can share some of your excess, simply by logging into the My EE app and going to Family Usage. It’s really easy to do.



Who can use Data Gifting?


EE pay monthly mobile, tablet or 4GEE WiFi customers can gift data in increments of 500MB to other users on the family account.


This is currently only available to personal plans and not business or corporate plans, including business customers using consumer plans.



Who can share data?


Only the person who runs the data can gift data, but they can gift it from any linked account, so if your teenager has been heavy on the downloads and your partner still has at least 500MB left on their account, you can give the teen a bit more data from your partner’s account.



Does this work for both linked and shared plans?


Not directly, but you can move data from a linked account to share across a shared plan.


For example:

  1. Your teen is on your shared plan
  2. You’ve both run out of data
  3. Your partner has plenty of data left on their own plan
  4. You move 1 GB data from your partner’s plan to yours
  5. Both you and your teen have 1 GB data to share



How long will Data Gifts last?


Data Gifts can’t be carried over month to month and all your lines will reset to their original data plan at the start of each month.



Can I change who runs the data?


Yes you can, but you’ll need to log in to My EE online to make the changes


Data Gifting is perfect for giving users flexibility, peace of mind and provide reassurance over bills. 


To find out how it works we’ve got some easy to follow videos and there’s also a Help page with full information, but please tap reply below if you have any questions.


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