by Mjausten86

Upgraded through a non ee store

I've had my current contract for nearly 2 years,and I went through the ee store,however it's time for me to upgrade,so what happens if I go through carphone warehouse for the upgrade?

Will my current contract end or do I need to let ee know?

by Brilliant Contributor
Brilliant Contributor

Re: Upgraded through a non ee store

CPW will do all the work.


They will upgrade your account for you. No need go let EE know.


But you won' receive some EE benefits like Vo4G upgrading with a third party.

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by Mjausten86

Re: Upgraded through a non ee store

Thank you.


Tbh,I'm not overly fussed,tried doing it through an ee shop,and what I was offered was almost as bad as the customer service

EE Community Support Team

Re: Upgraded through a non ee store

Hello there @Mjausten86


Welcome to the community.


I am sorry you have had bad service with us.


It would be worth getting in touch with our upgrades team to see what they can offer 🙂


Thanks, Leanne.

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