by Jay6661 Investigator

Upgrade time or perhaps not

Hi guys and girls.


It's that special time of the year again when little boys and girls will get excited to see the latest handset grace there hands.


I woke excited to call 150 and speaking to the friendly people of the magical upgrade team.


I was amazed at how quickly the phone was answered and greeted by a member of the "loyalty team".

Really already I havnt had to negotiate an hour long call before being passed to the loyalty team bonus.


I was greated by an extremely polite and nice member of staff( at this time I was down the shop buying a lottery ticket as I thought my luck was through the roof).


However I digress, before I start I wanna mention I have been a loyal customer of ee for 6+years and with orange before that for a few years, I have three devices under my account.

The question usually comes up so let's out that now.


Oh and this device is on £47pm plan.


I expressed my interest in the new Samsung s8 series phones,  as of course I imagine 70% of the calls that come through are.


Sadly I was shot down in my path with "I'm sorry we wouldn't be able to come anywhere near your plan with this phone".


Really are you serious, of course we kept it child friendly; the conversation.

I was stumped as o2 offer thr handset for 55pm for new customers.


I was then offered a Samsung s7 edge, of course this is a great phone but not what I wanted. 

I was informed that I could get the phone on my contract budget with 5gb data.


I tried to respond but it rendered me speechless so I let out a few high whimpered yelps.


I informed I would be looking at other companies as a comparison and hung up the phone.


Immediately I went straight onto the ee website to discover lo and behold the offer I had just been given was available to any Tom **bleep** or harry joining ee.


My question to you ee are where is your loyalty to customers where are the rewards for spending thousands with you and backing your corner through good times and bad.


Of course I'm sure I would be greeted with the robotic generic response" we offer bt sport apple music and calling abroad".


Now I would like to break that down 


1. Im not a huge fan of football or many sports ( im still a man)


2. Im buying an android phone, I can't seem to find the apple music on my current android phone.


3. Genuinely is a good incentive but this will be offered by all mobile companies shortly it's hardly a reward. 


So ee instead of isolating your loyal customers please take the time to look after them as they have invested with your company, make your customers be proud of flashing 

Out the latest handset down the pub and say " yeah ee hooked me up with this mad thing Cos I backed them for work many years".


Me however I will be spending the day prowling the Internet looking for a good deal on a new phone instead of ee looking after me ( I might also go for a walk to the beach).

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by Jay6661 Investigator

Re: Upgrade time or perhaps not

I have received a message from customer service stating. 


We have a fare balance of award winning working network and great price.


Again I will just analyse that.


You have a working akward winning network.

Now is it just me that thinks wow a working ( of course I use the word working loosely after the recent coverage issues across the UK) 

Is that not what we pay out contract for to have a functioning network.


The mobile phone market is an extremley wealthy competitive market with people skipping from different companies every year of course with a huge factor on prices of the contract.


Loyalty has seemed to amount to nothing these days which is awful for a company,  taking up a conservative like political view on theie company serving there few over the many of customers.

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Upgrade time or perhaps not

@Jay6661  You download the Apple Music app.    BT sport it's not for everyone and tariff prices do change.  And don't forget these smartphones are getting more and more expensive and the networks are not going to cover the cost of these just because you've been with that network for awhile. 


And if you have 3 devices are they all on the same account as you would get a discount for this. 

by Jay6661 Investigator

Re: Upgrade time or perhaps not

Whilst I understand that smart phones are becoming more expensive, being offered the exact same deal as a new customer is in no way helping or benefiting loyal customers who are choosing to stay with ee.


I'm not saying massive amounts of money have to be taken off or reduced from services a slight decline would give a much bigger incentive to stay.



by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Upgrade time or perhaps not

@Jay6661  Are you looking online and at your account and selecting upgrade from there ? You might find a better offer.    


And why should a loyal customer get a better deal then a new customer.     How would a network entice new customers if they can not offer a better deal than the network that they currently on because they get a loyalty offer.  

by Jay6661 Investigator

Re: Upgrade time or perhaps not

I have just called the upgrade team again and surprise,I received two more different prices strangely even more expensive than showing on your website I'm starting to get Confused here I was offered the s7 for 34pm the first time and now being told it's 43 pm.


Also the s7 edge was initially offered at 43pm has suddenly gone up to 48pm.


The attractiveness according to ee is winning customers with their award winning service and great coverage coupled with competitive prices, where as better deals should be achieved through loyalty withheld company 


by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Upgrade time or perhaps not

@Jay6661   Your being offers different deals that's all.  Cheaper upfront cost and more data allowance and probably different tariffs completely.  I.e. MAX plan as to a 4GEE plan.   

by Brilliant Contributor
Brilliant Contributor

Re: Upgrade time or perhaps not

The S8+ is a £800 phone.


The standard S8 around £700.


No network is going to subsidise these phones like they used to.


The note 8 is rumoured to be over £1k as with the iPhone 8 Plus.


There is no loyalty anymore anywhere.


You have to shop around weigh up the costs and benefits. And which benefits you'll use so making it worth while.


You talk about calling whilst abroad. Yes this will be standard on every network from June but only in Europe. And this may even change when we leave the EU.


EE new tariffs now include USA and other countries as well now.



It was only recently Three has added Canada in its tariffs as they have been doing this for at least a 2 years now.

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