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Unable to upgrade through a 3rd party



I am having a bit of an issue with trying to upgrade my phone.


I have eagerly been looking to upgrade as my current phone has "moments" so I have kept an eye on my upgrade status for a couple of months now. The day finally came last week where I am within 45 days of my upgrade and am eligible. Fantatsic. What wasn't so fantastic is that in the couple of months of looking at the prices they seem to have shot up.


Not a problem, I thought, I upgraded at Carphone Warehouse last time and saw that they offered me an early upgrade (with the fee) when I looked a month or so ago. When I put my information into their system it states I am able to upgrade but there are no eligible phones, despite there being some when I checked before the free upgrade date.


I thought this is an issue with Carphone Warehouse so looked at upgrading through as they were actually offering competative prices. Upon placing my order they have informed me via email that my upgrade request has been rejected by EE.


I have come to the conclusion that the issue lies on EE's end if two retailers are unable to help me. Is there something that could be blocking these upgrades despite them telling me I am due?


If anyone could shed some light on my issue I would be grateful




by Brilliant Contributor
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Re: Unable to upgrade through a 3rd party

Hello @Robertron88,


Welcome to the community,


I would suggest you contact EE customer service, as they can also look at your account and hopefully give you an answer, as there is no account access here in the forum. This would be your best bet, they should be able to help. Let me know how you get on, as this does seem strange, if everything is paid up to date and your account is in order.

by Grand Master
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Re: Unable to upgrade through a 3rd party

@Robertron88   Provided you are you upgraded period there is no reason why you can not upgrade with a 3rd party.   Try calling EE customer services and asking if you are eligible just to double check.  Then if you are contact the 3rd party and try asking them as EE say you are. 

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