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Unable to pay bill, can I sell my phone?



Due to losing my job I am now unable to pay my £50 a month contract. I am currently seeking debt advice from citizens advice as I have other debts also, I will be looking to add my mobile phone contract to a debt relief order also along with my other debts. I haven't paid my contract for 2 months now, I have bought a cheap phone and SIM only SIM on a different network for £10 a month. Can I now sell the phone on the cash for phones recycle websites? I don't want to do anything I'm not allowed to do as I don't know if EE will ask for the phone back or if they will bar the imei and then the recycle website may ask for their money back? Any help will be much appreciated, like I said I don't want to do anything that I'm not supposed to do.


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Re: Unable to pay bill, can I sell my phone?

You can't sell your phone during the 1st 6 months of the contract as that's when EE retain ownership in it.


If you don't pay your mobile bill EE will blacklist your phone. So you would be selling a blocked phone that can't be used on any UK network.

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Re: Unable to pay bill, can I sell my phone?

Hi xrayspex


Thankyou for your help


I've had my phone about a year, I wouldn't sell it privately as wouldn't want to sell a blocked phone to someone. But do you know if the cash for phones websites would still accept the phone? If you don't no worries, thankyou.

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Re: Unable to pay bill, can I sell my phone?

@Profile closed  You need to call customer services and tell the your issue as your still in contract even if you sell the device.  EE is a understanding network and they will come to some arrangement with you for your outstanding contract that you still owe EE for.   Don’t just not pay as this will effect your credit rating and you will probably have your outstanding balance given to a debt  collection company and then you will owe them plus interest. 

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Re: Unable to pay bill, can I sell my phone?

Hi @Profile closed and welcome to the community.


I understand your situation as I also have been there too.


Have you spoken to anybody in our billing team to see if they help ease your situation?


Many thanks,



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