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UNiDAYS iPhone X monthly plans

Noticed UNiDAYS are doing a 20% off monthly payments student discount that you can use on 'any phone or SIM plan with EE' and I am currently in the process of trying to find a good iPhone X plan. Decided to basket the iPhone X + Beats earphones deal at £82.99 per month and when I go to put in the UNiDAYS discount code for my 20% off it just says it is invalid. 

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Ace Contributor

Re: UNiDAYS iPhone X monthly plans



The discount code cannot be used in conjunction with promotional plans. 


You can only use the code on tariffs without the “free headphone”, and not a promotional “100GB” Plan.



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Re: UNiDAYS iPhone X monthly plans

Hi and welcome to the community @DanielLyons1


Uni Days 20% will work with all iPhone plans, excluding any that come with an annual upgrade. 


Hope that helps.


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