by ChickenAfro81

Payment confusion

I paid my EE bill via credit card as my direct debit failed. It's telling me that my bill for this month is paid yet I'm receiving messages saying I'm going to have a "late payment marker" on my credit file. 


I honestly have no idea what I'm supposed to do because I clearly have paid for this month so I don't understand why this is happening... 


If this has happened to anyone else or you know someone who this has happened too please let me know 

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Re: Payment confusion

It sounds like you payed your bill late and missed your payment due by date?


If you miss your payment due by date, you will automatically get a late payment flag on your credit file for your EE account.

by ChickenAfro81

Re: Payment confusion

  1. Do i have to pay extra though or should I ignore it as I've already paid?
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Re: Payment confusion

Hi @ChhickenAfro81 and welcome to the community.


If you have cleared your balance I wouldn't pay any extra.


Do speak to customer services though just to confirm that you balance is indeed clear.


Many thanks,



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