by FabulousFarmer Investigator

Orange Mobile Bills

I am still an Orange Pay monthly customer. Now that the Orange Your Account has closed, I can no longer access my bills. The help info on the EE website states "If you’ve used Your Account to view your bills then we will send you an itemised bill."  I last used Your Account to view my bills in Dec 2017, but have not received any Orange bills.  I'm sure your solution will be to phone Customer Services, but why should should I when EE states that they will send the bills?


Also, there is no mention of any charge for an itemised Orange bill. Why should I pay for you to send me a bill when you have withdrawn the service (at very short notice)?

EE Community Support Team

Re: Orange Mobile Bills

Hi @FabulousFarmer


You should automatically receive a free paper bill from Orange.


As you haven't received this, I suggest speaking to customer services.


They have access to your account and will be able to check to make sure your billing address is correct and that the paper billing is activated.



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