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Moving abroad


I'm permanently moving to the Netherlands at the end of the year. Is it possible to either keep using my EE subscription in the Nehterlands or transfer to a local Dutch plan? What options do I have in terms of terminating my plan if neither of those options are possible?



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Re: Moving abroad

Hello @matthijs123,,,


Welcome to the community,


If you are permanently moving abroad from the UK, then you will have to cancel your account and get a plan when you are in the Netherlands with a Dutch company.


Now it depends as to whether you have fulfilled your minimum term or not with EE. If you have not, then you will have to pay the monthly amount. x the number of months left - VAT, but your best bet is to ring customer service and speak to them, as there is no account access in the forums.


Hope you enjoy the Netherlands, let us know how you get on with customer service.

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Re: Moving abroad

Hi @matthijs123,


Welcome to the EE Community.


All EE plans are for people who are UK customers and travel to other countries on a short-term basis, not for people spending extended amounts of time abroad.


What this means is that if you’re spending 60 out of 120 days in the UK then an EE plan, and it’s inclusive roaming benefits, will be great for you.


If you’re out of the country for longer than 60 days then this may not be the best option.


Our customer service team will be happy to help you cancel your plan.


Best of luck with your move. Smiley Happy





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