by Neysa

I want to cannel the ee service since I have stopped to use it

To whom it may concern


I want to cannel the ee service in August since I have stopped to use it. And my phone number is xxxxxxxxxxx. 


Could you please give me a bank account so I could pay for the overdue bill. 


Attachment is the letter that ee sent to me. But I have moved to China. Sorry for the lately responce. 


Any questions please contact me by email:

Thanks a lot. 


[Image rejected due to it containing personal information]


[mod edit: please do not post personal information such as phone numbers on the public board. Thanks!]



by Brilliant Contributor
Brilliant Contributor

Re: I want to cannel the ee service since I have stopped to use it

Hello @Neysa ,


Welcome to the community,


Please do not include any personal details, that includes mobile numbers and emails, this is a public forum.


You should have cancelled before moving and will have to give 30 days notice. We cannot do this here, you will have to contact customer service to do this, you can if you have a monthly contract log-into your account and when live chat comes up during working UK hours chat there.


There is no account access here.

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