How to share data


I am wanting to share some of my data with my partner, at the moment she is on a £6.20 a month plan with Virgin that gives her Unlimited Texts, 1500 anytime minutes and 250mb of data can anyone suggest a comparable plan she could switch to EE with so that I can then gift her data



by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: How to share data

@glynmeek   if you want to be able to gift data all devices have to be on contract and all devices have to be on the same account so you need to add her to your account as a 2nd contract.    The best option is to call customer services and see what they can offer.   Make sure it’s a 2nd line on your account.   You’ll get a 10% discount on a 2nd line on your account and this can be a full contract or a sim only contract. 

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