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How on earth does EE have the nerve to increase prices by 4.1%?

Whose salaries or pensions have increased by an equivalent amount? Only those presumably at the top of this tripe who reap the benefits from such increases. Surely its dawned on this lot that many of us have realised just how much over the odds we pay for the phone over two years on monthly contracts? And that many of us when our current contracts end will be buying our own phone, when we can afford to, to get out of the trap of this never ending spiral of increasing rip-off costs. And the service is so awful too. I  live in the the middle of Cardiff and still the coverage in my home is the pits. Others who visit me on other providers have no problem. I have stayed loyal to EE for years and years. No more. Had enough. When my current contract ends in a couple of months I'm off. I hope others will do the same. 

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Re: How on earth does EE have the nerve to increase prices by 4.1%?

@Profile closed  Perhaps reading the contract T&Cs about the yearly RPI rise might of been a better option before agreeing to a contract that will get a RPI increase inline with the Retail Price Index    You agreed to it when you took out the contract even not knowing what the increase will be you still agreed that it will be applied to your contract at the relevant time,  so you knew it was going to happen.  The amount it increases is not set by EE .  Please read THIS 

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Re: How on earth does EE have the nerve to increase prices by 4.1%?

Hi and welcome to the community @Profile closed


RPI is a measure linked to inflation and measures the change in prices for consumers on average across the country, over the last 12 months. Your terms state that your monthly price plan cost will increase every year, by the rate of RPI.


With regard to your signal problem, could you please check your postcode on our network status checker?


You can report a problem and sign up for updates in your area on there too.



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