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Ending/changing contract

I've been made redundant. I have 2 phones on my account My own and my partners. They both have 2gb data plus free calls and text. Together the monthly bill is £85. I can no longer afford to pay this. What is my best option?...i know the biggest cost with any mobile contract is data, i can do without this, what is my best option please...cancel my account with EE completely and just get 2 very cheap phones just for call and texts on pay as you go costing me £10 per month on each, or is there a way I can stay with EE but have data turned off and just pay for calls and texts for a total of around £20 per month for both of us. I simply cannot afford the £85 I pay now to EE. I am making enquiries with as many companies I have direct debits with as I can to reduce my outgoings.
Thanks  - Tracie 

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Grand Master

Re: Ending/changing contract

@sdchomer1964   Have have to call customer services about this and explain the situation.  You can not just cancel as your are in a contract with EE and you agreed to pay that contract.   Call customer services as they will help you.  

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Ending/changing contract

You can only cancel your contracts FoC if you've seen out your min. terms. Otherwise you'll need to pay off the remainder of the contracts less VAT.

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Re: Ending/changing contract

Hi @sdchomer1964,


Welcome to the EE Community.


I'm sorry to hear you have been made redundant. As a responsible provider we'll support you and discuss other ways to pay should you struggle to pay your bill.


Please get in touch so we can help.


You can also find some useful information on this help page.





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