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End of term woes

Firstly let me say that I have received excellent service from EE during my contracted period and my issues are well documented so if I would have thought to check I could have saved myself some disappointment.


I just wanted the opotunity to get this off my chest


Having purchased a phone through an online retailer 2 years ago my minimum term is due to end this week.

Not wanting to change providers i had made enquiries to see what upgrades were available to me.

Unfortunately the deals offered either didn't match the level of service I received or were way more expensive that I can find online.

It was at this point I discovered that I going to experience disappointment number 1.

Because of the bad weather I was unable to connect to a representative straight away.

So I googled how I was to go about cancelling my contract. Only to find that although I had paid 24 months of payments I would have to give 30 days’ notice to end my contract.

I do understand that a period of notice could be requested and that it is in the terms and conditions that I signed up for.

However what was more of a shock was that i was expected pay exactly the same amount that i have been paying for the last 2 years.

My understanding was that i was paying for the phone over a 2 year period and that by the end of my minimum term this would have been completed. After this date i would only be expected to pay for my calls and Data and messages.

This is what happens with some other service providers.

I recently bought my wife an Iphone7 again online running on EE. Her old phone was on Tesco. Similar thing when her minimum term was reached her bill was reduced to just the amount for her use rather than the same as paying for the phone.

When I cancelled this contract I was able to do this without a notice period but was expected to pay the remainder of the month.

I find Tesco's policy totally fair as you are only paying what you owe and not a continued payment for equipment that you have already paid for.


I finally got through to a representative who confirmed my suspicions and did try to offer my a deal not to leave. Again this deal was more than what i could find online, so i declined his offer.

I explained my situation and asked for the cheapest plan to change my phone to limiting my expense for the exit period.

This seemed like hard work but we finally agreed on a £14 monthly plan.

The deal was done and i have given notice to cancel.

But over the weekend it took over an hour on the phone. First to learn what loyalty is with EE and secondly to end the contract.


Best of all I have a new sim on its way from Plus Net. Similar service to what I have been getting for 2 years but for only £7 per month on a rolling monthly contract.

But the killer punch is that my service provider is EE

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Re: End of term woes

Hello @StevenN,


Welcome to the community,


You could have changed to a sim only contract, which is much cheaper, once you have had your minimum term.

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Re: End of term woes

Hi Shockwave


Sorry should have added it is a sim only plan.

250mb data unlimited texts and calls for £14.

This was offered as the cheapest option


Incidentally the 250mb of data is not showing on my plan

It says I have no data left


Surprising when the phone spent the day connected to Wi-Fi






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Re: End of term woes

EE will keep charging you the same monthly line rental until you either change your plan or cancel.


It's only a few providers where the handset cost is a separate contract from the line rental charge/contract.  EE don't do this and never have.


Once you reach the end of your contract term with EE you are free to either carry on paying what you have always paid or switch to SIM only or upgrade to another handset contract.


The only thing with other providers such as Plus Net, whilst they may be cheaper they don't offer all the services EE offer such as WiFi calling and 4G calling etc.  It makes no difference that they are also using EE are the network carrier, each separate mobile carrier has their own set of services they all offer (or don't).  Virgin Mobile and BT also use EE but again they both offer different services for different prices.


4G calling is the important one as that means going with EE directly, they can now offer coverage in more places (especially rural areas) compared to Plus Net etc.


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Re: End of term woes

Hi JMitchel


Thanks for your reply

I agree that some providers do this but does it make it the right thing to do?

As for Wifi calls. I have never had need to use it, so for me it's something I will never miss.







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Grand Master

Re: End of term woes

Unfortunately your understanding & expectations did not accord with the contract you agreed & the T&Cs which you confirmed you had read.


It's pointless comparing with other providers. Each will have their own conditions & won't be mirror images of each other. It's up to you to shop around & compare.


What is right is what you & EE agreed, else either of you would not entered into it.

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Re: End of term woes

Hi @StevenN and welcome to the community.


I understand your frustration with your issue.


Please see our cancellation guide as this will help.


Many thanks,



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Re: End of term woes

Hi Lee

thank you but a bit late

perhaps if my intention was to leave 23 months into my term then it may have been useful 

but as the intention was to stay I didn’t feel the need to do the research 



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Re: End of term woes

Tried to organise an unlock of the phone today

checked using chat to see if this was achievable without charge as only 2 days left out of the 24 months and already committed to my 30 days notice. Was told that it wouldn’t be a problem 

phoned them up only to be told will have to call back in 2 days or will be charged an unlocking fee. 



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Re: End of term woes

Plus to top things off

when I downgraded my contract I should have received 250mb of data. 

Prior to this I had 1.6gb

as soon as the change was made I received a message saying I had used all my data. 

As I was using WiFi during the day thought nothing about it 

mentioned this to EE who told me to try switching the phone off and on. 

Still no data


so Mobile Data switched off so not to incur extra charges for data use



EE Employee

Re: End of term woes

Hi @StevenN


Once data has been used you would have to purchase a bundle to use more so this stops any extra data charges without your knowledge.


I understand your frustration with being told incorrect information by our chat team if you are not happy by this please see our ways to complain.


Many thanks,





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Re: End of term woes

Sorry Lee

The point is that the data was never there

Before I changed plan I had 1.6gb
After. Nothing
It is probably there to use but it doesn’t show it on the app

Sent from my iPhone
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Re: End of term woes

no Point in complaining 

technical issue

just adds to the frustration 

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