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Earn money off your bill with Airtime Rewards.

Let your favourite retailers help you save money on your EE mobile bill.


> No sign up or monthly fees. Secure. Simple.


> Available on Pay Monthly & Pay As You Go.


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What are Airtime Rewards?


Love getting a great deal? With Airtime Rewards, you get money back every time you shop at a major retailer. Then, when you’re ready, you can use it to pay off your EE bill.


If this is you, you’ll love Airtime Rewards. They’ve partnered with over 80 of the UK’s biggest retailers, including Argos, Waitrose, Primark, TopShop, Boots and many more to give you money back when you shop.


The best bit? All the money you earn is saved up and visible on the Airtime Rewards app. Then, when you’re ready, you can choose how much of it you want to put against your next EE bill.


All you have to do is create an account using your mobile number, register your payment card and you’re good to go shopping.


Airtime Rewards turns your bank cards into a loyalty card so your everyday shopping earns you money off your mobile bill. There’s no hidden fees or fiddly codes, just link your cards, shop as normal and redeem your rewards.





How do I get Airtime Rewards?


1. Download the app


Pop to the Play or App Stores and download the Airtime Rewards app.


2. Enter the EE Mobile Number


You will be sent a 6-digit PIN from Airtime to the mobile number, enter this into the app.


3. Link a card.


Link all of your Visa & Mastercards and Airtime Rewards will reward your shopping. Completely secure, PCI compliant and they’ll never charge you a penny.


4. Shop.


Shop online or in store with any of your linked cards as normal. There's no hidden fees or fiddly codes.


5. Earn Rewards.


Airtime Rewards will track your purchases within 14 days. Enable push notifications to be notified when your purchases have been tracked.


6. Redeem Rewards.


Redeem your rewards (all within the Airtime Rewards app) and get money off your EE bill. It's really that simple!



Go shopping and save while you spend


We think this is a great way to help with the costs associated with your EE connection. Whether it’s helping save money on your existing bill or helping to afford that new connected watch or latest smartphone, with Airtime Rewards you can accumulate cashback onto your account via your everyday household shopping.





Share the love and gift the rewards (yes, you really can!)


And that’s not all, an exciting element of this solution is that you’re also able to choose who gets to benefit from your Airtime Rewards cashback across your network of family and friends! The process is very straightforward; just enter the phone number of the lucky person and Airtime Rewards does the rest.


For more information visit Airtime Rewards> 




by Prodigious Contributor
Prodigious Contributor

Re: Earn money off your bill with Airtime Rewards.

I'm checking this out tonight, sounds awesome! 😁

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EE Community Support Team

Re: Earn money off your bill with Airtime Rewards.

Let us know what you think @Alex_M


Have a great day 🙂



by Brilliant Contributor
Brilliant Contributor

Re: Earn money off your bill with Airtime Rewards.

Just signed up.


Also have something similar with my electric gas company that allows you to then pay your Bill's doing this.


Great idea.

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by katyaenglish
New Member

Re: Earn money off your bill with Airtime Rewards.

Hi I’ve been using this but I don’t get the full £10 off I get £8.33 any idea why? 

by Ace Contributor
Ace Contributor

Re: Earn money off your bill with Airtime Rewards.

£8.33 is £10 pre-VAT?

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