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Early Termination

Hi community, 


You may be able to help, today I received an email regarding the cost of using some services outside of my price plan were increasing from 25 June.


The email states my account number, and my mobile number under "number(s) impacted on your account". 


Further down the email it says: "We have identified you as one of our customers who has been materially impacted by this change and therefore yoy are eligible to leave without paying an early termination charge."


Well, I went on to the live chat and queried this email and about leaving. The person I spoke too said that this does not affect my account, i am not eligible to leave and that this email was sent to everyone as a broadcast email. Which i understand is not the case, as I have spoken too a number of friends who are also with EE as to whether they have received this email, which they haven't. 


So what is going on? Am i eligible to leave without an early termination charge or not? Very confused!

by Grand Master
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Re: Early Termination

@nathd91  Call customer services about this as you will only get that email if it applies to you.   I’ve not had it also.  

EE Community Support Team

Re: Early Termination

Hi @nathd91


Welcome to the community.


I recommend that you contact 150 from the number in question. They should be able look into this further for you.


Please let us know what happens.


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