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EE Upgrades: All you need to know

Time for a new phone? Here's how to check if you're due an upgrade with EE or would like to upgrade early.



How can I check to see if I can upgrade?


Log in to My EE online to check your upgrade status.


To do this, tap Menu > Upgrades. My EE will show you the next available date when you can upgrade without paying a fee. It will also show your early upgrade cost (if available).


You can upgrade to a new device and plan if you've got fewer than 45 days to go until your contract renewal date. Alternatively, if you’re in the last 100 days of your contract, you can get the latest device with no early upgrade fee if your new plan is higher than your current plan.


However, if your account has an outstanding balance then you will not be eligible for an upgrade until the outstanding amount is settled.



  • If you have a 24 month 4GEE Max Plan which includes Upgrade Anytime and a compatible phone, you can Upgrade Anytime after 15 days.




Find out your upgrade status by text


You can also text UP to 150. You'll then get a text message back informing you whether you're eligible, and explaining what to do next. 



What if I’m not eligible to upgrade; can I upgrade early?


Yes, you can upgrade early if you meet the following criteria:


  • You're a SIM Only customer on a 12, 18 or 24 month plan with EE, or you're on any other pay monthly plan with EE.


  • You're more than 6 months into your contract with more than 45 days to go before your contract renewal date. Or, if you’re in the last 100 days of your contract, you can get the latest device with no early upgrade fee if your new plan is higher than your current plan.



 You will not be eligible to upgrade early if:


  • You're a business customer.


  • You have an outstanding balance on your EE plan.


  • You're a mobile broadband customer.



How much will my early upgrade cost?


You can check your early upgrade cost through My EE onlineTo do this log into your account and tap Menu > Upgrades.


If you prefer to have a chat about this, feel free to contact customer services and the upgrades team can go through the cost with you. 



Can I keep my own phone?


You can keep your existing phone or trade it in for cash through our Recycle and Reward scheme.  


However, if you are upgrading with Upgrades Anytime or Annual Upgrade and would like to keep your old phone, you'll have to pay an extra charge depending on how long you've been on your current plan.



What if I change my mind and don’t want to upgrade early; is there a cancellation period?


You can decide to cancel your early upgrade by telling us within 14 days, unless you have chosen to recycle your old phone with Recycle and Reward.


The 14 day cancellation period does not apply to upgrades done in one of our retail stores.



We hope this has answered all of your upgrade questions. If there's anything else you'd like to know, just tap reply below. 

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