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Direct Debit failed

Hi all,


I am travelling overseas and forgot to have enough funds in my bank account for the direct debit to work. Will EE try again in a few days to see if they can withdraw my funds? Or am I cut off completely? I am none the wiser at the moment because I am using an Australian sim at the moment. I can't seem to login to my EE account online currently.. it seems to be down? Cause then I would pay with my credit card or another way instead. 


Thanks for your assistance! 🙂

by Brilliant Contributor
Brilliant Contributor

Re: Direct Debit failed

Yes they'll try again in next few days

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Re: Direct Debit failed

Good morning @Dfia4301


Thank you so much for coming back to community 🙂


@BrendonH is right and we will try again.


Here is a little further information for you from our Make Or Set Up An EE Payment help and support pages.


I draw your attention to the help with failed or late payments section.


Failed Direct Debit payments


If your bank doesn't allow the Direct Debit payment, we'll make a second attempt around nine or ten days later. 


If this fails again, then a Late payment fee* will be applied to your account, and your Direct Debit will be cancelled.  


If your in Australia, then you've just made me super jealous.


Anyway enough of my envy and I hope you have a fabulous time down under.









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