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Customer service not helpful

After I had to call 4-5 times weeks ago because they messed up the second contract I made (I wanted an Upgrade Anytime plan and they sold me an Annual upgrade plan) and they finally sorted everything telling me that I will stick to the same monthly payment, that on the 29th I will receive a pack to send my device and just pick any other one. I had an awful surprise to call today just to find out I will need to pay £200 even if I have spoken to two different people and they mentioned nothing about any payment when the plan will finally be changed to what I wanted. I explained the situation and that no one said anything about any £200 to change my phone, the CS told me I am the one who doesn’t understand how things should go with the upgrade anytime. Let’s not mention that I should’ve received a phone call that never happened because they needed to listen again to the conversation I have had in the first place. It was me that had to call again.

Anyway, I called again just to ask if I could upgrade and pay the £200 with my next bill just to find out that I was the one who didn’t understand what I was told in the first place and that my plan will still go up?!?!? I am 100% sure I was told that I can choose any other phone and I will pay nothing more. 

Any advice with what can I do? 

I should’ve never made the 2nd contract with them, because I will not stick with EE. They don’t know how to treat their customers. I told the same to the CS and they didn’t care that I will not upgrade my contracts so I can move to another network! He just ‘explained’ how things work. I pay for 3 contracts at EE and I get no respect as a customer who pays lots of money monthly! 

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Re: Customer service not helpful

@Aleexandra25 From one customer to another: Be nice with them and they'll continue to be nice with you. They have feelings too. And I bet they bite their tongues far more than you do. Misunderstanding can occur. The customer isn't always right - not even if he pays big. 


And of course Upgrade Anytime will be more expensive than Annual Upgrade. 

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Re: Customer service not helpful

I work in customer service too and I know this could happen and I promise you I wasn’t rude at all. I had to post here because it’s extremely frustrating! I could be dumb, but not as dumb as I will misunderstand 3 different things I was told..

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Re: Customer service not helpful

How long have you been on the Upgrade Anytime plan? It just sounds like a few weeks. If you want to upgrade your phone in the 1st 6 months you do have to pay a £200 fee - see How can I Upgrade Anytime?


  •  in the first six months of your plan there's a £200 upgrade fee
  •  between six and 12 months into your plan there's a £100 upgrade fee
  •  after 12 months there is no upgrade fee


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Re: Customer service not helpful

Hello there @Aleexandra25


I am very sorry to hear you have had this experience when speaking to our Mobile Care team.


I would love to help you get this looked into, you will have a private message on here for further information.



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