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Changing my EE Price Plan

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Hi guys


From time to time we get a lot of questions in the Community about changing a Price Plan, so I’m going to try and break this down for you all.


When you join or upgrade on Pay Monthly, you’ll choose the plan that you wish to be on for the term of your contract. However we know your usage and circumstances may change.


Below we will discuss exactly what EE can do for you.


If you wish to move from one plan to another during your contract, we call this an ‘in life plan change’. However, there are rules in place to limit how you can move between plans.



Can I increase my Price Plan?

Yes you can, However there are some ground rules.


  • You can only change your Plan once every 30 days.



  • Your contract length cannot change and the data allowance must match or be higher than your current usage, please check how much data you are using before looking at a new Plan.


  You can do that by checking your MY EE account.


  • You can move to a Plan to benefit from increased allowances as long as you move up to a higher price point.


  • If a Sharer wants to move off a Shared Plan they must move to an Price Plan which is a minimum of £4 extra per month for regular Plans and £5 extra per month for Extra Plans (not applicable to Business Connect plans).




Can I lower my Price Plan?


Downward moves are not allowed at any point during your contracted term – you cannot move below the Price Plan you initially signed up to.  Please see section 2.2.7 of the EE Monthly terms of service.


However, we know that some of you do move up Plans in-life e.g. to get increased allowances, so we do have some rules if you want to move back down.


The following options are:


  • You can only move down Price Plans if you are in the second half of your contract, you can never go lower than your original Price Plan.


  • You can only request to move down once in the second half of your contract so please ensure you are making the right decision first time.


  • You must move down your data allowance for each price point decrease you make.



Can I move to a better Price Plan and pay the same amount as I currently do?


  • Sideways moves are not allowed at any point during your contract.


  • You cannot move to a Plan with different / increased allowances and remain on the same price point.


I hope this helps to make things a little clearer on this subject, any questions just shout.






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Re: Changing my EE Price Plan

Thanks for this information. I'm currently not working so don't know how i'm going to afford this every month (i'm on the £44.99 per month 24 month iphone contract which ends Oct 2017). I was hoping to stay a customer; just greatly reduce the tariff. Its a shame you don't have any allowances for people who have lost their jobs. 

EE Community Support Team

Re: Changing my EE Price Plan

Hi @Clare1711


Thank you for posting and joining community Smiley Happy


I'm genuinely sorry to hear about your circumstances, Iv'e been there myself before with a job.


Here is some information to hopefully help you.


If you’re having difficulties paying your bill or If you’re having trouble paying your invoices please don’t cancel your Direct Debit or fail to make a payment.


Doing this could seriously impact your credit file and affect your chances of obtaining credit in the future.


We have a specialist collections team who can discuss your options and minimise the risk to your credit file.


If you find yourself in this situation please contact EE and speak to our collections team.


Please get in touch with them and best of luck with everything.




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Re: Changing my EE Price Plan

Hi Richard,

Thanks so much for your comment.

I've just come off the phone and am so relieved. The team were so helpful and have offered me a short term solution which I'm ever so grateful for.

Best wishes,

EE Community Support Team

Re: Changing my EE Price Plan

I'm genuinly made up for you @Clare1711 and I wish you all the best.


We are always here to help and support you in community the best we can.




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